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We discover, develop & Commercialize world leading CBT & psychotherapy to DTx.


Modern vocal biomarker AI technology detecting Emotion, Depression & Anxiety with state of the art accuracy out ranking Google

Active learning and capability of recognizing complex emotions

World Class Vocal Biomarker Technology

Converts expert knowledge/CBT to DTx for targeted treatment


Real time usage & feedback enables quick adjustments to improve DTx effectiveness


Configurable content delivery channels (App, Wechat, FB Messenger…)

DTx Platform

Digitalize “your” voice using cutting edge voice synthesis technologies


Can inject 10 emotions in voice content delivery based on need of treatment to earn trust with users quickly

Compassionate User Interaction

Voice synthesis covers 49 languages/locales & 250 countries across the globe


Data/Services deployed and hosted following regional and organizational  regulations and highest security & compliance standards

Global Reach