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Welcome to the future of 
mental health

Wonder Tech is a Voice AI Platform for Mental Health and Digital Therapeutics (DTx). With our world-leading voice biomarker technology, we empower the full cycle of mental health solutions from voice mental health screening (SaMD) to digital therapeutics (Voice AI CBT) to treatment monitoring.



Supported by the FDA & CFDA latest policy with digital therapeutics; and accelerated by Covid 19, the urgent needs we share for professional & scalable mental health solutions.  We would like to invite you to co-create a shared-vision with us in the ecosystem of mental health.

Being a leading player in voice biomaker in DTx (Digital Therapeutics) empower us to build a Voice AI Platform for Mental Health.

which will empower the entire ecosystem with

No.1 Ability to Care

First of all we will be able to "care" and actually "cure." 
Supported by our world-leading voice biomarker technology, we are able to understand users' emotional & mental health status and provide personalized emotional care or menatl health treatment.  The entire process can be done with your mobile or wearable device in a 100% private and non-invasive environment.  By early diagnosis and  early intervention, we can realize precision treatment, and have a great chance to increaese the Depression Cure Rate from 30% to 92%. 

No.2 A win-win business model based on Trust

To make this mental health AI platform possible, all users need to feel comfortable to share a lot of personal information. We envision our technology will empower many leading commercialized platforms with the business incentive to heal.  We provide an alternative option for mental health solution providers to design a user engagement system or user journey or even a pricing model base on users' improvement of emotional and meantal health, instead of simply how much time our users spend online, or how much medicine is sold.  So the trust system is built not only by a reactive compliant perspective but a proactive business model perspective. 

No.3 Algorithm to opitmize potential of both AI & Humanity

AI's role is not only help us to get cheaper, faster life, but a more fulfilling & meaningful life. Our AI platform is empowering the top, world-leading psychiatrists and psychotherapists to transform  decades of their clinically validated tools into digital therapeutics. AI will be able to help us explore & clarify our feelings, values or even our purpose. That means this is the time in the history we can help both AI and human-being to achieve our highest potential. 

Our Mission

Empower everyone to create a happier & healthier life with technology.




A large number of studies have shown that neuromuscular coordination affected by mental health issues causes changes in muscle tension and control impacting the vocal cords and vocal tract. Voice signal is an emerging non-invasive biomarker in mental health diseases diagnosis.



Wonder Technology transforms and digitalizes clinically proven cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) into digital therapeutics (DTx) leveraging world leading voice AI technology.




Depression Supportive

Diagnosis & Screeing



Anxiety Supportive

Diagnosis & Screening


Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder Supportive Diagnosis & Screeing



Schizophrenia Supportive Diagnosis & Screening