Welcome to the future of mental health

Wonder Tech: Revolutionizing Mental Health with Voice AI

Wonder Tech's acoustic biomarker foundation model, trained on the largest clinical mental health dataset and with 1.8 billion parameters, stands at the forefront of Voice AI for mental health. Our technology can be fine-tuned to any market-specific model with minimal local data, ensuring precision & scalability.

Our mission is to empower all voice assistants with the ability to detect, monitor, and provide real time personalized treatment & support for 1 billion people worldwide.

Project Introduction


Screening and Monitoring

Evidence show that physiological changes may cause involuntary and often human imperceptible changes in acoustic parameters. Considering accuracy, scalability, convenience and cost, voice biomarker is the most optimal single modality for psychological disorder assessment.


Based on individual voice mental health screening/monitoring results, our platform accurately matches the results with the most optimal intervention plan to achieve personalized healing, to improve the cure rate of mental illness, and to empower and innovate DTx.



Bipolar Disorder